Freakin Morons...

Fri Feb 3, 2012, 10:47 AM

Occupy has given America so much - we need to thank them

We are finally talking about Income Disparity in our media at a national level. Lawmakers have even proposed "The Buffet Rule" which would treat compensation in excess of $1Million annually with a minimum tax.

Nationally - and thanks to President Obama, he have finally begun to address our vanishing Manufacturing sector in America. Once the backbone of America's Middle Class job strength, and the path to upward mobility for many many American families. These jobs have been outsourced for the enrichment of a select few on Wall St and the demise of the Working Class.

And last but not least - Foreclosure Fraud. This issue alone has the power to win the White House this year, and I believe no candidate can win without proposing serious investigations and penalties be imposed on those that have perpetrated this fraud on a national scale. To those that ushered in the current recession through Wall St Greed, skirting Federal regulations, and profiting from disastrous financial products they knowingly sold World Wide.

To Obama's credit, he is actively addressing many of these issues.

But it the coming months in the lead up to the 2012 Election, the Monied Elite, the 1%, will seek to change the National Conversation from these issues through $Billions in Super Pac money while their political lackeys work to water down or sideline legislation addressing these issues.

Don't let the 1% Win

Support Occupy

Yeah! Thank them by shitting on the next one you see!!!!