Stinky being Stupid...:D

Sun Feb 5, 2012, 03:46 PM
Stinky The Clown

Does this piss you off? I think it should. It is fast becoming a scene in every major US city

This one is in DC's McPhearson Square, where Occupy DC has seen their camps broken based on enforcing some bullshit "health" laws. The hazmat suits are a nice touch, huh? Great teevee clip, huh? Makes for great pictures, huh?

<Pic at DUmmie link>

"Dirty fucking hippies" is the obvious message being sent. I'm willing to bet anything that is the exact intent.

The way this is now being played is that "authorities" are feigning concern for the protester's health. This allows them to shut down the camps as "health hazards."

What boggles my mind is that most cities shutting down the protests are run by Democratic mayors. The scene above is in what is quite likely one of THE most Democratic cities, Washington, DC. In DC, they're adding a twist. They're simply saying the protesters can stay in the park. They can even have tents. They can even sleep there, in their tents - so long as they don't have "sleeping supplies."

How about we come up with a design for a "sleeping bag suit" that are clothes made for sleeping on the ground?

What always comes up with me is who is pulling the strings that make these camp bustings such a priority? Who is harmed by the camps? Who would want to have them gone?

Who??? The Public you retarded moron, that's who.