that last TD was one for the books.

I have to say this was the strangest play ive ever seen.

manning was on a talk show last week and claims he told this RB NOT to score as he was handing him the ball. imagine telling a RB not to score. huh??? why am I here??? and then seeing the red sea part in front of you

Against Eli Manning’s orders, Ahmad Bradshaw scores the Giants’ winning touchdown

INDIANAPOLIS – Ahmad Bradshaw said he was left shaking with anxiety after a goal-line mix-up with quarterback Eli Manning that resulted in him scoring the New York Giants’ winning touchdown in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Bradshaw scored with 57 seconds to play because the New England Patriots provided a gaping hole for him to run through, giving Patriots quarterback Tom Brady one more crack at going down the field. However, Bradshaw admitted he had intended to fall down at the 1-yard line. Manning had ordered Bradshaw to take a knee, but the running back did not understand the instruction in time and his impetus carried him into the end zone to make the score 21-17.
the play