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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockntractor View Post
    There are several android pads available that are the same size as the apple pad.
    Ironically, looks like the next Apple pad will be smaller, something like going from 9.5" to 8."

    I'll never go Apple. Too much control in one autocratic vendor, I went down the Amiga road in the early 1990s, actually superior technically to contemporary Macs using the same processor (Unfortunately the company fell into the hands of business guys with zero technical vision), and watched PCs kick both their asses. I suppose I could've stayed with it and gone Linux or gone to the ported OS, but once Win95 came along there just wasn't any point. Never getting locked into proprietary systems again, TYVM.
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    I hate everything apple but I wish I'd have bought their stock when it was at its lowest :( its what 500 dollars a share now? The all time low was under 15 dollars?
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