A firm overseen by one of President Barack Obama’s trade advisers has just announced plans to export 149 white-collar jobs — including numerous high-tech jobs — to an India-based info-tech firm.

The outsourcing announcement came during an election campaign in which Obama’s allies frequently lash former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for supposedly exporting jobs, and only two weeks after Obama showed he had little understanding of outsourcing in the high-tech sector.

“I don’t know your husband’s specialty, but I can tell you there’s a huge demand around the country for engineers,” he told the wife of a laid-off engineer in Fort Worth, Texas. Obama then volunteered himself to find a job for the engineer, who was laid off three years ago.

Some of the 149 Supervalu workers whose jobs are being outsourced will be hired by the Indian firm to assist IT workers in Guadalajara, Mexico, and in Bangalore, India, according to a Supervalu memo described Feb. 7 by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Matthew Rubel is a board member of Supevalu Inc., the Minnesota-based firm that is laying off the workers and exporting the jobs, under a contract with Tata Consulting announced Sept. 14, 2010.

Rubel is also a member of Obama’s Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations. He’s a very successful retail executive, and was appointed to the 33-member committee in Sept. 15, 2010, along with several other industry executives.