Go get em Cyrano!!!!

Thu Feb 9, 2012, 11:57 AM

So Iran is our new “Enemy.” Are we going to fall for this crap again?

Too many Americans bought, and still buy, the WMD crap regarding Iraq.

Too many Americans bought the “War on Terror.”

And today, too many Americans are buying the lie that Iran presents a nuclear threat.

Is it about oil – again? Is it about some pipeline the oil companies want to build? Is it just one more convenient distraction from our real enemies?

Let’s get real. Our enemies are right here at home. They have names like Exxon/Mobil, Wall Street, Citibank, the GOP and … well you get the idea.

Does any rational person really believe that Iran is a threat to us, or for that matter, a threat to Israel?

The Iranian leaders are not insane. They know that their use of a single nuclear weapon (if they ever got one) would result in the total annihilation of their country. You want insane? Look homeward.

The whole “Iranian Thing” is total bullshit. If you have a different opinion, let’s hear it.

Why are people like this allowed to have computers??? :D

"Teh Stupid" is strong here...