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TACOMA, Wash. - A rabidly anti-gay church known for its loud protests is planning to picket Saturday's funeral for the two sons of missing mom Susan Powell, who died in a raging house fire Sunday.

Margie Phelps of the Topeka, Kan.-based Westboro Baptist Church sent out a tweet saying the church will attend the boys' memorial service as a protest against the pending legalization of gay marriage in Washington state.

For those of you not familiar with this story, it begins two years ago in Utah where this father took his two boys camping in the middle of the night, in freezing temperatures, only to come home and find his wife "missing". Everyone with a brain knows this father killed his wife. Recently the boys were heard telling people that "mommy" was in the trunk when they went camping and then got lost in a mine.
The state took the two boys away from their father last year and two weeks ago, confirmed that the boys could only visit their father under state supervision.

This last weekend, the father locked the state observer out of the house, attacked his boys with a hatchet and then blew up the house with all three of them in it with ten, one gallon gasoline bombs setup inside the house.

The outcry for the boys has gotten so large that the funeral had to be moved from a LDS church that can handle only 200 members in Puyallup to a church in Tacoma that can handle 1800 people.

Now these fucktards are planning on showing up at the boys funeral to protest the state passing so-called gay marriage. This will get very ugly if these people show up. So far Occupy Tacoma and Occupy Portland are planning a counter protest as well as Patriot Riders and several other conservative groups. I will be out of town or I can guarantee you I would be down there as well.