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Fri Feb 10, 2012, 02:05 PM

Military helicopters overhead in the middle of LA.

We live in a residential neighborhood near the center of LA.

Just now, about 12 military helicopters flew over our heads. The noise was deafening. There is no justification for harassing city dwellers in this way. We are not in the middle of an insurrection. We have no huge crime problem (at least not compared to past problems). This is simply an annoying waste of money.

We have enough air traffic over our homes, enough police helicopters and freeway traffic. We do not need this noise pollution. Why is our government spending tax money like that when we don't have enough money for health care or education?

We simply do not need those military aircraft over the City of LA.

If Obama wants Los Angeles residents to vote for him in November, he needs to get those helicopters and all that military noise out of the city. This is where people live -- peaceful people. We have to contend with too much noise and commotion as it is. I'm not normally a get off my lawn oldster, but this is just too much. President Obama, get your military trash out of my airway.

I think JD has had a tad too much JD. The "Black Choppers" are out to get em and it's Obama's fault!!!