I just got back from the Beverly Hilton.

I was supposed to go in to work early but my car wouldn't start so my boss went to breakfast alone. Whitney Houston was there, steadily knocking back straight whiskey and chain smoking cigarettes. She looked terrible, gray skin, eyes unfocused, shaking. Still chugging. She had been there like that since 8AM. My boss said that she was probably dying right then. Her voice was so bad, she couldn't speak enough to order her next drink.

I finally made it in, and had to attend this major "Free Iran" rally. Just to check out what was going on and what it was all about. He is too well known in the community so I went "covert". When I came back, we went to a coffee shop so I could give my report. On our way back we saw the paramedics and fire trucks. When they left, which was just as we were heading into the lobby, there weren't any sirens so we knew that either it was a false alarm or someone was dead. As soon as we walked in, everyone was buzzing around and talking about how RayJay, a young rapper, found Whitney Houston dead. There is a pre-grammy event going on so the limos were arriving with movie stars and recording stars, photographers EVERYPLACE. Some people in gowns, furs and tuxes had no idea they were walking into a crime scene. By the time I left, the Beverly Hilton was PACKED. Two crime lab trucks, police everyplace. Her body was still on the 4th floor waiting for the coroner.

She was supposed to sing tonight. There was no way that hoarse whisper was going to sing. She might have decided that today was the day to drink herself to death. Maybe she went back up to her room and topped it off with a drug overdose just to make sure.