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I think people need to learn from this...If you've ever taken a prescription medication and had a beer, this could happen to you. I hardly ever drink anymore. Once in a blue moon, I'll have a beer. I got a bottle of Ketel One vodka at a Christmas grab bag and it's hardly been touched. I am also on high blood pressure medication and on a beta blocker for palpitations due to an overactive thyroid. I will still have a beer every once in a while. I notice my heart doesn't like it...so I've virtually eliminated that as well. It's hard to not be able to indulge whenever I want...but life has really changed for me since going on this medication. I have to remind myself not to drink. I'm going to an all-inclusive Caribbean resort in April so it will be tough to not indulge in all the cutesy umbrella drinks. I may have to alternate with the "virgin" drinks:(

This really can happen to anyone. We get overdoses in the ER all the time, most are habitual street drug users, some abuse prescription drugs, and some are just people who had a bad drug/alcohol interaction.
As you being a health care provider, I respect your wisdom in being cautious with combining alcohol with the blood pressure and heart meds. I never did drink much and drink even less as I take 3 different blood pressure meds and don't want to chance any problems. I had family members (not in the immediate family) who abused alcohol and probably some drugs, so it always frightened me and gave me a great respect for their power to destroy lives. My uncle died from his alcohol addiction and two cousins (his sons) to the same problem.