Chris Christie defends lower flags for Whitney Houston

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday strongly defended his decision to have the state’s flags flown at half-staff for singer Whitney Houston.

Christie had been criticized for ordering flags at state government buildings to be lowered on Saturday, the day that Houston’s funeral services would be held in Newark.

His order was criticized both by those who thought that the honor should be reserved for recently deceased soldiers, first-responders and elected officials, and by those who thought it was wrong to honor an alleged drug addict.

Christie said he didn’t believe that Houston’s history of substance abuse “forfeited the good things she did.”

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What?? The good things she did? Who in Sam Hill is Cristie Cream pandering to now? First we have ships named after Giffords, then Flags lowered for Houston. Must every American tradition be deconstructed and trivialized now? I thought that the lowering of the flag to half-mast is a ritual reserved for those who died unselfishly serving others or something like that. But this ... By this logic we should also do the same for Aretha.. Sinatra.. Billie Holliday.. I mean, whats next? Snoop Dog?