U.S. Press Freedom Dropped To 47th …

America gone Fascist usually leads to the recent law empowering the Pentagon to arrest and imprison citizens without regard to the Constitution but there’s another aspect getting less attention. Three current reports paint the picture: FBI Seeks Social Media Monitoring Tool is self-explanatory; the government police peering over everybody’s shoulder at their personal affairs is historically only present in totalitarian societies.

Another report tells of: Twitter Announces It Will Censor Some Tweets: Activists Worried. Again, the media and communication systems indulging in censorship of this stripe has only occurred in the absence of such rights as we have taken for granted heretofore. The deafening silence from the major media is an additional, negative warning for those paying attention.

The final straw was heaped on the camel’s back by: U.S. Falls To 47th In Press Freedom Rankings, a report that makes increased sense when taken in the context of the previous two.

Add to these, the government has been repeatedly attempting to find an excuse to control the Internet, currently with SOPA and PIPA in Congress.

What do you suppose it all means?