A DUmmie and its money...

Sat Feb 18, 2012, 10:49 AM
Omaha Steve

DU fundraising for Omaha Steve matching donation this weekend (link corrected to a site)

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Edit. I'm sorry about that. I posted this just before we headed out the door to the store etc. This should do it.

Edit 2: The link is now on the Bellevue Cemetery site that Marta and I own: http://www.steveandmarta.com/graveya...levue_main.htm

PDF map of my ward: http://www.bellevue.net/portals/0/Re...7c3d6f43af.pdf

The DU alone has raised $263 (before small fees by PayPal) for my run for Bellevue City Council Ward I.

There are now FOUR candidates for my ward. I'm the only Democrat that has filed. Unless a fake Dem (like has happened in Wisconsin etc.) files, I am now assured to get past the primary in May.

A very generous individual has pledged an up to $250 match for every dollar I raise through midnight Sunday via PayPal.

Removed the defective link. Use the link above.

I know this is a leap of faith since my #1 issue is under wraps until April. Also my web site isn't up, but will be by the April Ne. caucus

Even $5 helps more than you can imagine. It will be put to good use.

My local fundraiser is in April btw at Bear's Bar in Historic Olde Towne Bellevue, the heart of my ward.

Omaha Steve
:biggrin: Steve is raking it in...