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If we have a property tax, any property tax, then we have no property per se. Presumably, one could own a home which has been paid for for centuries, and lose it to the government because he can't or won't pay the taxes. That's not ownership, it's a form of quit rent more similar to feudal leasehold than true ownership. In modern terms, once your house is paid for you should not have to rent it from the government even for 1% per year.

It's funny, Virginians get angry every year at the personal property tax, a substantial sales tax paid each year on the declining value of their automobiles, boats, and travel trailers. But they don't see that the property tax is essentially the same thing. Perhaps that is because they perceive that they get value back from the real estate tax, in schools and roads.

There needs to be a tax system which permits a person to fly under the radar if he so chooses. A person should theoretically be able to live in his house, eat from his farm, and fish in his pond only paying taxes if he engages in commerce.

So the people who benefit most from society, property owners, are to be completely relieved from its obligations?