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    The technology company Three Square Market made headlines last year for implanting microchips in the arms of nearly 100 employees, allowing them to open doors, log on to their computers and purchase snacks from company vending machines with a simple swipe of their arm.

    The chips were initially little more than an innovative novelty, but now the Wisconsin-based company which designs software for vending machines has a more ambitious plan, according to chief executive Todd Westby. During an appearance on CNBC, Westby said his company is working on a more sophisticated microchip that is powered by human body heat and includes GPS tracking capabilities and voice activation.

    Personally I would be an ex-employee yesterday.
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    I'm over my monthly limit for the WashPost and won't pay them, but I've read elsewhere that this was a voluntary program. Some Christians are going full Mark-of-the-Beast alarmist over this. Technology is just a tool. Whether used for good or evil, the good or evil is in the user, not the tool.

    RFID could be the vehicle used for the "Mark-of-the-Beast", if its something literal and applied by government. Or maybe the "Mark-of-the-Beast" is the attitude of one's mind (forehead) manifested by one's actions (hands). To me, living the life of a Christian is challenge enough without burning time and energy looking for "signs of the end". Too many Christians have been doing that for too many decades, and the fruit of it is bad, or just wasted time/energy.
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    Everyone uses a cell phone now so no need for the gps, it is already tracking every last person on the planet , well except for those shit hole countries who have no cell phones. Also not to mention the NSA is still recording every word you have said, but as fapper said, not purposely
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Old White Man View Post
    Also not to mention the NSA is still recording every word you have said, but as fapper said, not purposely
    Yeah, but if they decide they do want to pull it up and listen, they can get the FISA kangaroo court to give them a warrant to do that for any BS reason they feel like making up.
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