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So I'm chatting with Bob (name changed), our office conservitive (neo-nazi, no for real)

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Bob and I work in the same office but really don't have much to do with one another. He knows I am a lesbian and very liberal and I know he is very straight and very right wing, throw in a dash of racism, but not a bad guy if you know what I mean LOL (we can get along but for very limited amounts of time). He worked 2 full time jobs for years to save the money to buy his family a nice home in a good place I give him credit for that. This is also why he has little time for anyone who does not work or "lives off the government" Well yesterday he came over to my cube and said something to me that made my jaw drop.

"I think either I am not voting this year or I will have to vote for Obama."

Once I could form words again I asked why? "They are crazy, too much religion, religion needs to be kept out of government" For once Bob and I had to agree on something. I thew in that little bit about birth control and he just rolled his eyes. "I can't vote for any of these guys, Obama hasn't done that bad a job."

All I can say is WOW if its getting to Bob....

What a load of bull.

This is at least the second OP where the DUer says that the conservative.....crazy conservative.......says verbatim "I can't vote of any of these guys, Obama hasn't done that bad a job."

Of course the DUers eat it up. It doesn't take much to fake them out does it?
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2. Yea, I have noticed a lot of former Reaganites making the conversion over the past ten years

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Not because they like Dems. It is because back then they loved the same policies that Reagan instituted that effected millions of people immediately and destroyed their lives but not them. They were doing OK for a while.

But now those same policies they once liked are beginning to bite them in the ass and they have seen the light. They will never admit that but it is the truth.

They are easy to spot. They are usually about the same age as me but they claim they claim they became interested in politics in the last ten years or so. That is the tip off. That gives me a pretty good idea who they were voting for during the 1980's?

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5. A-HA! Another one! One of my brothers is a diehard conservative, but...

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a week or so ago he said he'd had it with the clown car-- they're all idiots.

Didn't go as far as saying he'll vote for Obama, but he's getting there.

Could this be a trend?
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7. Republicans are losing both the women and the men...

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The women are disgusted by a multitude of things, including contraception, and some selected social issues.

The sane men seem to get turned off by mixing religion and government.

Let's hope this trend continues.