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  1. #1 Iranís Supreme Leader Orders Ahmadinejad Election Defeat 
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    (Telegraph) ó Iranís Supreme Leader has called on the Revolutionary Guards to ensure that his supporters emerge triumphant in this weekís parliamentary elections, according to opposition sources.

    At a meeting called last week by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iranís Islamic Revolution, the leaders of the Revolutionary Guards and the volunteer Basij militia were urged to use the same tactics employed during the controversial 2009 presidential election contest.

    On that occasion widespread vote-rigging led to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad being elected to serve a second four year term, a result that produced nationwide anti-government protests.

    Mr Khamenei has since fallen out with Mr Ahmadinejad in a bitter dispute over the future role of the presidency in Iranian politics.

    As a consequence Mr Khamenei is now urging the Revolutionary Guards to ensure his Conservative Front wins the majority of seats in Fridayís parliamentary seats at the expense of Mr Ahmadinejadís supporters.

    During the meeting, which was attended by Ali Larijani, the chairman of the Iranian parliament and a close ally of the Supreme Leader, Mr Khamenei repeatedly referred to the presidentís followers as the ďdeviant movementĒ, and insisted that they take all necessary measures to prevent Mr Ahmadinejadís followers from winning the elections.


    I'm not sure which way to take this. Ether its a good sign that we could be rid of this insane ass, or bad that they could install some one worse. Or worse yet, internal war that spreads.
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    I'd take an internal war. Slows down things like nuclear weapons production, and turns their attention away from international terrorism.
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    civil war wouldn't be a "bad" thing over long as it kicked the Ayatollah's out
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