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Yep, not to mention ad hominem attacks against those that he cannot beat through persuasion. This is typical Krugman. A few years ago, the NY Times shut down the comments on his blog because economists kept writing in and nuking his arguments. He couldn't out-debate anyone, so they eliminated the forum for the arguments. Krugman's the Barney Fife of the new thought police.
I found this to be typical of many of the Moonbats I've encountered over the years.

Rants are facts, censorship is open discussion, emotionalism is reason, and all debates are done with one Moonbat and an empty chair.

Moonbats don't back anything up with facts ( if you do, they dismiss them quickly and without reason).

The rational mind must go where the facts and evidence leads.

The Moonbat comes with a belief and cherry picks fact to fit it ( if no facts fit, they are then created).

Moonbats lose debates, that's why they avoid them like the plague.