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I saw someone buying booze at Meijer with an EBT card. I don't get how the stores are getting away with this, not just the recipients.

If a store can have a computer register system that makes it impossible to ring up the sale of alcohol or tobacco without entering a birthdate, then it can come up with a way to prevent selling the same products to someone using an EBT card. The only problem I can see is that whatever kind of card is being used (EBT, Debit or credit), the customer usually swipes it at the end of the transaction. EBT users could be required to swipe their cards prior to the sale.

I think that stores that allow this should be treated like stores that sell alcohol to minors. It's not like they can't make EBT users pay for their booze in a separate, cash transaction.

The EBT cards were issued because the food stamp program was open to too much fraud. Now, the stores are actually helping the clients commit fraud.
That was pretty much my first question: How?