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Here is the problem with the 911 conspiracy theory's......
How in the world could EVERYONE who was involved in this, which would have been 100s of people, not talk at some point? Hell, the manhattan project news Was leaked by many people.
Or someone at this point would go on 60 minutes or sell book rights!
You cannot keep something that big a secret!
The single easiest torpedo to the entire conspiracy.

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1. I don't have an answer to your question, but one has to look at the evidence

put forth on the Pentagon hit alone (never mind other information, such as WT7).
The evidence maaaan... the evidence will tell you!

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Mon Dec 12, 2011, 10:06 PM
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2. The cracking of the Enigma Code was not leaked until the 1970s after it was offiically announced.

Many, many people were involved in cracking the Code.

Although the Enigma code was cracked during World War II and the devices fell out of popular use over the following decade, the public remained largely unaware of the Enigma machines, the role they played in World War II, and the great lengths the Allied forces went to crack the German Enigma codes. Upon declassification of this information in the 1970s there was a surge of interest in the devices. The majority of the remaining machines are found in museums and the hands of private collectors.

Right... because trying to keep your enemies from knowing your spying on them is exactly the same as continuing to cover up a mass murder of your own country men.

It derails into the JFK assassination, I'll save you that mess.

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Mon Dec 12, 2011, 10:11 PM
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4. I remember people telling me....

There is no way someone could (via drone control) fly planes into a building....

They said no way.. it could never happen.

Fast forward to news today... "Iran takes control of USA DRONE"...

How can it be denied any longer... what really happened?
Yes, because we snuck aboard the aircraft, and installed everything we needed to take over that plane remotely and fly them into the building, with out any of the airlines, maintenance crews, or flight crew, ever realizing it.

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22. It's called COMPARTMENTALIZATION, dude!

Everyone knows just what they need to know. This also occurs with the media, for example. They are so conditioned to parrot the Pentagon's latest squawking points that they never realize that they are LYING to us, along with the government!
I could, like, totally hear the pot in your voice dude.