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    I don't hardly get out enough to do this. Over the last year I've been out twice. Last summer with ConstitutionallySpeaking in my new boat. Had one hell of a good day of fishing, catching about 40 fish in a northern Michigan lake.

    Went out in early Feb on a warm day, hit the base ponds with some night crawlers. Pulled these two out.

    Now I'm really itching to get out and do some more. I'll be heading back up to Michigan in june for a weeklong trip, do some bass fishing for a few days, then renting a charter to do a Salmon trip on Lake Michigan. Last time I did one of those, the 4 of us brought in 11 nice Chinooks, and 1 big Lake Trout. Hoping for some like success this time.

    This year I'll be teaching my oldest son to fish. He turns 4 in May, and I'm really excited about it. I'll be buying him a fishing pole for his birthday, and as long as the weather is cooperative I'll be taking him to the base pond to try to catch some blue gill.

    After June I'll be bringing my boat down here from Michigan, so I can do a bit more fishing. Might even try putting it out on the Mississippi and try for some big cats.

    We got any other avid fishers here? What's it like in your area?
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    Quote Originally Posted by djones520 View Post
    bass fishing for a few days...
    Outstanding. I just watched the Bassmasters Tournament on ESPN2 last night. Them guys are hardcore.

    I hit the OBX every year for big game. Tuna, dolphin, wahoo, marlin, sailfish, whatever else takes the bait.

    During the summer I'll head down to the NJ shore and drown some bait hoping a flounder will swim by and get accidentally caught on my hook.

    I always liked to hand crab too. Just for the fun and challenge. Not for any prolonged time.
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    yeah we saw your vid

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    Lake Michigan salmon is awesome, as is Lake Michigan trout. My dad used to catch a lot of small fish (he called them sunfish) on an inland lake near GR. I grew up eating freshly caught fish in the summers, especially out of GT bay. Then I had to limit it for a while, due to mercury levels and the recommendation that women who may want to get pregnant in the future should only eat 3-4 servings of Great Lakes fish a year.

    Now that that's no longer a possibility, I can eat as much fish from Lake Michigan that I want, unfortunately, the fisher in our family (dad) moved to Florida.
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