A "Fearful" Rush is down from a self-inflicted wound & it is time NOW to kick him

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You could hear the fear…

by Dennis G.


By Friday afternoon, Rush had already double down on his slander of Sandra Fluke and he was feeling the pressure of the blowback. Sponsors/advertisers—the real businesses and not the wingnut grifters—were pulling their ads. Republicans everywhere were under pressure to condemn Rush’s slander and their fear of Rush was beginning to be offset by fears of an angry electorate in November. Within 24 hours, Rush would be forced to issue a non-apology apology and look weak. It would not stop the storm of outrage, but even that lame-ass word string was a signal of weakness from the Leader of the Republican Party and the CONservative movement. When the commercials finally ended and the Master blowhard took to the mic, you could hear his fear.

It was in every phrase. Every word. He was pleading. Whinny. And full of self-pity. He verbally thrashed and sought a scapegoat. Naturally he decided that all of his actions were President Obama’s fault. Fear was in his voice as he tried to craft an alternate reality where President Obama’s support for women to be in control of their health care choices forced poor old Rushbo to call Sandra Fluke a slut and a whore.


Every bully goes too far one day. For Joe McCarthy it was the Army-McCarthy Hearings. For Bobby Knight it was choking a playing. Perhaps—if our Nation is lucky—this is the end of the line for Rush Limbaugh. He knows he stepped in it. You can hear the fear in his voice. There is no justification for his bullshit any longer and anybody who defends him is a coward, a fool or both.

I could hear the fear in his voice and I think we should all do what we can do to make that fear grow in the coming weeks.


MORE, plus ideas for all of us to help with:
Remember, everyone: peaceful liberals only want tolerance and for everyone to have their voice heard.

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Sun Mar 4, 2012, 11:46 PM
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1. He is a parasite on society

I wish he would disappear for good.
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3. We don't have to kick him, Obama will take care of El Rushbo.

Just like he knocked off Breitbart; he's on a mission to pass the Clinton-Arkansas body count.
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Mon Mar 5, 2012, 09:21 AM
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9. Pour on the pressure!

Make that fat bastard squeal!
Feeeeeelllllll the tolerance and acceptance for differing viewpoints.