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    I think what Rush said was inappropriate and rude, but he's free under the first amendment to say it. If sponsors don't like it, they are free to stop sponsoring his show.

    As far as the argument about the insults to Breitbart and all-it's no wonder nothing ever gets accomplished in this country-we are all too busy justifying our bad behavior as responses to someone on the other side's behavior. So what if some dumbass insulted Breitbart? I'm a liberal and I didn't insult him. I'm not responsible for what the DUmbasses say. So what if Rush insulted Sandra Fluke-he doesn't speak for all conservatives.
    That is not why the response to liberal gasbags. Liberal gasbags feign outrage over this stuff and get their gushing, adoring cheerleaders in the media to hype it like Carney hawkers. Conservatives are cataloging the hypocrisy and faux outrage using past liberal antics that were met with indifference and apathy. Where is O Blah Blah apologizing to Sarah Palin? Has Bill Sew- uh, Maher apologized or defended Rush? Why didn't the media close ranks and attack him? Maher routinely says vile, hateful things toward Conservatives yet where is the joke of a media with respect to his comments?
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