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What an absurd allegation on your part; I would never have maintained that monogamy was the statistical majority in marriage whether heterosexual or homosexual.
And yet, whenever the bad behavior of gays in public is pointed out, such as at Gay Pride parades, you immediately tell us that they are not the norm.

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As such the degree to which that is applicable is irrelevant, since the norm is that there is a spectrum. All I have ever emphasized is that those who oppose marriage equality, in their attempt to do so without sounding like religious idiots generally promote a best (in their opinion) case scenario for heterosexual marriage against a worst case scenario for gay marriage. Of course what they can't do is demonstrate why it's any of their business if two people of the same sex get married and enjoy equal status in that marriage to heterosexuals. Instead, the bigots jump through hoops to try to justify their position which is simply and inarguably based in what has to be deliberate ignorance.
We keep demonstrating why it's not a good idea, but you keep pretending otherwise. First, despite your claims to the contrary, homosexuality and heterosexuality are not simply alternatives of equal consequence. By every standard, the physical and mental longterm health of gays suffers from the effects of the lifestyle choices that they make, and the elimination of marital fidelity as a norm (and whether you admit it or not, is it the norm in marriages, but not in gay relationships) creates huge stresses on families. Second, by redefining marriage to mean whatever you happen to want it to mean when it is convenient for you, you establish that it can be further redefined. Just as in DADT repeal, other groups have decided to use the same rhetoric to advance their cases. The polygamists, both religious and secular, are beginning to file suits to permit recognition of their "marriages" (Britain already has de facto recognition of Islamic polygamy in their welfare and immigration policies).

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Then we have folks like yourself, who so desperately seek the acceptance of your acquired tribe that you eschew your native intellectual and objective approach in exchange for the admiration of those raised in a culture of ignorance.
Seriously? That's your argument? That I'm seeking approval and therefore ignoring my own reason? That I'm more concerned with being liked than I am with thinking? What an imbecilic and pathetic attempt at an ad hominem attack. You've got it exactly backwards. I was raised in NYC, and saw the gay lifestyle up close. I don't particularly care what people do to themselves, but I don't have to support it or give it equal standing. A marriage is between a man and a woman. You want to have a relationship that doesn't meet that standard? Fine, but it's not a marriage. Deal with it.

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You just made me think of Maher's comment about Tim Tebow. Maher is definitely the left's Rush and yet no one on the left called him out on his anti-Tebow and anti-God comment.
Maher is insulated by several things. First, the MSM agrees with him. They won't take him to task. Second, there is no gain for the left by calling him out, because he is part of the left, and they almost never criticize their own. Finally, his show is on a subscription network that doesn't seek advertising. As long as HBO doesn't start losing subscribers because of Maher, he'll be guaranteed a slot.

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Sandra Fluke is real. Women are real. God isn't real.
Sandra Fluke is a fraud. She's not a student, she's a professional activist who went looking for this fight. Her argument, that Republicans want to deny her access to birth control, is a lie. Tim Tebow is real, and whether or not you agree with his faith, the treatment that he has received by the likes of Maher is vile. Fortunately for Maher, Tebow is too decent a guy to respond to him, and Maher isn't the kind of guy who can stand up to a professional football player in a one-on-one confrontation.