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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    surprise! your position is wrong. .
    Almost always.
    Quote Originally Posted by DumbAss Tanker View Post
    Seriously? You're comparing it to food or actual medically-necessary medication? How does your mind work?
    It doesn't.
    As far as 'What you would imagine,' I think your 'Imaginer' is broken. .
    That is also located in the brain. He doesn't appear to have one that functions.
    [QUOTE=Adam Wood;489593]Sorry, but The Pill is elective when it is used for contraception. Same with boob jobs, tummy tucks, whatever awful shit Nancy Pelosi has done to her face, and botox.
    Same weak argument as the abortion for rape lie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DumbAss Tanker View Post
    Seriously? You're comparing it to food or actual medically-necessary medication? How does your mind work?

    As far as 'What you would imagine,' I think your 'Imaginer' is broken. It's fairly clear that she thinks anything she and her peers believe they need for their lifestyle choices should be free, because dammit, they shouldn't have to suffer any financial hardship (More an imagined one than a real one in this case, given her ridiculous $3K figure) to sustain their lifestyles.
    No, DumbAss, the point was that we means test food stamps so it would be expected that anyone supporting drug coverage would think it should be means tested as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockntractor View Post
    Most gay men are promiscuous sluts and have no interest in marriage anyway.
    Oh, now you've done it. Obama is going to call Nova any minute now and offer his sympathies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Novaheart View Post
    To whatever degree that is true, it's 100% irrelevant.
    It's very relevant if they are the new face of marriage. As every study has shown, gay men in "committed" relationships are far more promiscuous than straights. Gay marriage will radically transform what we consider marriage. It will eliminate fidelity as a virtue, and usher in even more self-absorbed hedonism as a substitute. It may feel good in the short term, but it's not good for anyone in the long term.

    Quote Originally Posted by Novaheart View Post
    My position is that "the pill" and similar medications should be treated like any other medication. I understand the social imperative to making birth control available regardless of ability to pay, but we do that for food to some degree without making it "free" for everyone. I would imagine that this woman and her friends believe in means testing just about everything, so I'm surprised that they don't think that free-to-you medications ought to be means tested.
    Considering that you believe that all medications ought to be free, this isn't saying much. However, if you really believe that we should treat the pill and all other birth control-related drugs or procedures like any other medical procedure or drug, then we can start with informed consent for abortions. Also, abortions are elective surgery, not medically necessary except for less than 7% of all cases, so obviously there should be no subsidies from government at any level for a medically unnecessary procedure. In fact, there are lots of exceptions that abortionists enjoy that other medical practitioners don't. For example, a minor can't request any surgery without parental consent. Not notification, mind you, but consent. The standards for consent, notification, safety and certification ought to be as stringent as they are for any other surgical procedure. You ready to go there?
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