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did she commit fraud? and did the State change the laws on lottery winnings after the guy won the $2 Million last year and was still collecting SNAP? If not, then within the law she didn't do anything "wrong" legally. Ethically...hell yeah, dumb entitled bitch shouldn't have it.
We are often told by corporations and millionaires in essence that there is no such thing as ethics; they maintain that the only relevant question is whether it is legal. We are told that in the absence of a legal prohibition, a corporation has not only a right but a duty to act solely in its own interest to the exclusion of impact or morality. We have been told that holding income out of reach of American taxes is legal and therefore smart, that there is nothing unpatriotic about it. And we have wannabes who cheer on this mentality in hopes that someday they will win the lottery and actually be one of those people (see Michael Medved's program about this).

What this woman has done may well be illegal : I don't know. I don't know if the "award" is month to month in which case it would appear that she ceased to qualify when she cashed the check, or if it's annual, in which case she probably didn't violate the law. I also understand the public reaction to her continuing to use the card- because most of the public reacts on moral analysis rather than legal analysis.

I wonder how many critics look at this as one subsidy compared to another.

Does Big Sugar stop taking the subsidy when they make a profit? Do they twist the books so that they don't make a profit so they can take the subsidy? How about corn and other growers? If they make a profit, do they return the subsidy? How about oil? How many of the pigs at the public trough are making a fortune while collecting a subsidy? How many million dollar CEO's cash their paycheck drawn on subsidized accounts?

This woman shouldn't take food stamps when she's flush. No doubt. But why does everyone land on this ant when there are gigantic hogs at the trough?