Thu Mar 8, 2012, 02:10 PM


A heartbreaking scene at lunch

Here in the Twin Cities we have "skyways" - second story connectors between the buildings downtown that permit us Minnesotans to get around without going outdoors in the cold weather.

I headed out of my building, going to pick up something to eat, and in the skyway between my office and the next block was a woman I guessed to be in her mid-late 30s. She was clean, dressed in a winter jacket and dark slacks. She held a neatly printed sign that said

Husband died
Three kids to support
Anything will help.

I walked about half a block past her with a growing sadness. I turned around, went back to her and pressed a five-dollar bill in her palm and said "Good luck." I was beginning to get teary. She looked at me with an expression of abject gratefulness and said "thank you."

I am financially a bit strapped myself these days with a move impending at the edge of the month, but there was no way I could in good conscience deny her what I could give. Smaller lunches for a couple of days won't hurt me in the least. But maybe her kids will have something decent to eat tonight. At least I hope so.
Why do they come up with these horseshit tales of woe all the time???