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We have the homeless here in large numbers. They have a favorite corner that I pass frequently that is clearly posted with anti-panhandler signs, but the signs apparently only apply to the literate. They hold up pathetic tales of woe designed to trigger your hand-pocket reflex. Surprisingly, most are "Veterans" down on their luck or have children to feed. They spend hours at this and often tag out to be relieved of their arduous task by another equally hungry Vet or mother trying to feed her chidrens.
When I lived in Arizona, pretty much at every intersection there was a panhandler. Think about it. 115 degrees and these people are sitting out there with signs ranging from "Will work for food" to "need money for vacation"(I'm not making this one up) to "Why lie, I need a beer"(not making this one up either). Why? Because they make a ton of money doing this. And not all of them are druggies. Some do this for a living and live better than most of us do.

Have they given up the gas station tactic where they approach you with "their mother died and they ran out of gas trying to get home, could you spare, blah, blah???" I haven't been assaulted with that one for a couple of years now.
I got hit with this one the other day. I get a kick out of it because all I do is pull out my wallet, which has my badge in it, and I make sure they see it as I root for money I don't have(I don't carry bills in my wallet). They usually just walk away.