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  1. #1 Liberals heads explode: Critics of Rush Limbaugh Ignore Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi Misog 
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    As usual they have lots of BS about why liberals can call conservatives c*nts, b*tches, tw*ts, but it's OUTRAGEOUS when Rush does it. (That doesn't mean I agree when Rush does it, but the double standard liberals have about this is nothing but first rate.) They tie themselves up in knots justifying the grotesque things that have been said about conservative women, but essentially it all comes down to ..........they deserve it.
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    Critics of Rush Limbaugh Ignore Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi Misogyny

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    Kirsten Powers doubles down on Liberal misogny.

    The truth hurts.

    Members of the professional left reacted with outrage to my column this week calling them out for their fake war against media misogyny. Instead of addressing the encyclopedia of left-wing misogyny I raised, many liberals chose instead to start a ferocious battle with all manner of straw men.

    “It’s not true that liberals never call out people for misogyny!” is the refrain. Of course it’s not true, and I never said it was. Many of the professional left seem incapable of distinguishing between a few blog posts and comments condemning left-wing misogyny and a full-scale war to remove someone from their job. This really shouldn’t be so hard to grasp: If you hate misogyny and sexism in the media, then react to the consistent and repeated misogyny of men on the left with the same fervor that you have reacted to Rush Limbaugh’s sickening outbursts

    More at the link

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    2. here's the difference

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    Sandra Fluke is not a public figure.

    And while Sarah may claim that Bristol is not, being a contestant on Dancing With the Stars pushed her into that territory.
    They were calling her and Trig names long before she was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

    According to this justification anyone should be able to call Michelle Obama a tw*t and c*nt freely since she is a public figure. She's not just married to the President, she makes public appearances and tries to tell everyone what they should eat among other things. Public figure. Go figure. That means we get a free pass to demean her.
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    6. Oh shit, more "both sides are equally guilty" bullshit

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    WTF is a Kirsten Powers anyway?
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    13. The difference: Limbaugh is not a comedian. He is the mouthpiece of the Republican party

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    and Bill Mahr makes jokes about people and situations. That is what comedians do.

    When this subject comes up it is always fascinating how right wing nuts can't find one sentence said by a liberal commentator they can put quotes around. Limbaugh has many insulting things that are in black and white with quotes.

    I challenge any wing nutter to come up with a liberal quote from a political pundit that even resembles the "S" and "P" words that Limbaugh used. I also challenge any wing nut to come up with an example of a liberal that spent three days insulting and berating a single individual and demanding a video of them having sex.
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    17. Kristen Powers has sold her soul

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    for a paycheck from FAUX News and the NY Post. If this is an issue that has concerned her, why is it only now that she is saying something about it. The best refutation of her accusations was made by David Frum:

    And let me just say this, I've never cared for Matt Taibbi. He's nasty and many times fact challenged:

    As far as Maher, many of his sexist comments disturb me as well as his racist comments. He called the President 'chocolate jesus' for most of 2008 and makes many subtle racist comments like he did to Neil DeGrasse Tyson on last week's show.

    But also remember, Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin are not innocent victims in this either. They have made many outrageous comments over the years. In contrast to Ms. Fluke who in her appearance before congress stated her case with respect and class.
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    20. For The Intellectually Challenged Here

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    please allow me to explain something to you.......slowly, and in plain english so that even you can understand. The things that Bill Maher said about Laura Ingram and The Alaskan Dingbat, were "person specific", directed at only a single person, and intended as his opinions of persons with whom he disagrees. What the pig-faced pill-popper said, was directed at the 99% of all women (the other 1% are just lying) who use birth control. Calling women sl*ts just because they have sex, and use birth control, is in no way the same thing as calling someone a c**t because she spews a message of racism, bigtry, and hate, on open airwaves. (translation: she doesn't believe what we believe and she challenges our beliefs)

    For those who think that these are the same thing, I feel sorry for you. You are misguided, misinformed, and misled. One other thing, the second grade mentality that what one person does or says gives another person an excuse to do something, is just a typical right-wing tactic, used when all other rationale has been exhausted. Anyone that stoops to such lame rhetoric, does not deserve to be members of a community such as this, a community that was founded as an outlet for those opposing such childish actions and behaviors.
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