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I really didn't think he'd check out, but he looks legit:

SEAL Team 8

2000 – 2005 (5 years)

5326-Combat Swimmer
NavSpecOps -(5326 Combat Swimmer)
United States Navy

Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Military industry

May 1997 – October 2005 (8 years 6 months)

Honorable -8th of October 2005
Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal - 16th of Sept 2005
Iraq Campaign Medal 2004-2005
High Risk Protection Operations (BlackWater) - 20th of August 2004
Diving Supervisor (K-431-0048) 23rd of July 2004
U.S. Navy Parachutist Military FreeFall Class (CIN) A-431-0136 Ser N32/0433 25th of June 2004
ST8 - SEAL JSOQ Fourth Quarter - 2003
Lead Breacher - 2nd of July 2003
HRST/CAST Master-(K-431-0131) - 16th of May 2003
JTAC- Close Air Terminal Controller -NATO FAGC-Course # 02-02 - 8th of Feb 2002
Spec Ops Spotter -August 2001
Tactical Communications - June 2001
SQT - 20th of April 2001
USAIS-Airborne Course - 24th of November 2000
BUD/s CLASS 231-27th of October 2000
I am presuming that you have the miltary experience to know whether he's for real or not. As such, if the guy's legit, then the guy's legit, and I retract anything offensive that I may have said questioning his service.