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  1. #1 Seoul on High Alert Ahead of Nuclear Security Summit 
    In less than two weeks, Seoul will welcome world leaders from 53 countries and four international organizations for the Nuclear Security Summit, the largest international event Korea has ever hosted.

    Last week, each country sent advance groups to the capital to confirm details regarding all aspects of the summit, including security, accommodation and the seating plans.

    The Defense Ministry created a separate task force last December in preparation for any unusual movement from North Korea ahead of the grand gathering. It also strengthened its surveillance and military readiness.

    Airport security is high on the agenda. With close to 60 world leaders arriving over just two days, the organizing committee expects to use all three surrounding airports near Seoul.

    The summit agenda will include all aspects of nuclear security, including preventing the spread of nuclear materials and the development of nuclear weapons, as well as improving safety at nuclear power plants.
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    This sounds like the setup for a movie. With a ambiguously nuclear-capable North Korea across the border, the plot practically writes itself.
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    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Add a Link please...
    For some odd reason it was pulled from Drudge?
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