What are your favorite stores? I love Crate & Barrel for the home and J Jill for clothes. I was so glad when they finally opened a J Jill here. The clothes are very comfortable, fit well, but I generally wait for a sale before I buy. It's a relatively long ride to Tampa to check out the stuff at Crate & Barrel, so I usually buy online. Before Christmas I went beserk, as they had a deal if you ordered $100 all the shipping was free, including to multiple addresses. So most of the relatives in St Louis got gifts from C&B for Christmas, delivered to their homes. Hope they didn't mind that I was too thrifty to get them gift wrapped. It's the thought that counts.

Now I see why so many stores offer the specials and coupons just to get customers in the door. There's a place called Bealls in Florida, a local Florida chain. There are the regular stores and outlets all over Sarasota. I used to laugh at the stuff, but I guess Florida is getting to me. They always show dinnerware with palm trees and lots of Florida coastal type stuff (and lots of touristy looking junk). But a few of the things are nice. I must be going soft to add a few sea shell things, but I didn't want all that rattan furniture and the "Florida" theme look. Maybe if we had a beach house, but we don't.

What are your favorite places to shop?