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That hippy peace sign stuff definitely isn't my style, but I figure if I get them a gift card it's up to them to get what they want, My niece is a lib and probably thinks I'm one of those hopeless conservatives that she tolerates. We never talk politics or viewpoints. I do with her mom, and that is the basis for many disputes, so I just stand back from the niece. She and her little girls mean a lot to me, so they're one of my few exceptions with that "lib thing".

The kids like the peace sign shirts, and all the stores are now selling them. They are too young to understand about the 60s.

My niece likes the colorful nature of the clothing at Justice. I usually get her a top there, and buy jeans or leggings from somewhere less expensive, like Target, at least for Christmas. I don't have to spread as much money around at birthday time, so I have splurged at times on her.