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Recent academic research in cognitive science is helping us to understand the Republican brain
New out from Chris Mooney next month is "The Republican Brain". You can get a free synopsis at the link below:

The Republican Brain: Why Even Educated Conservatives Deny Science -- and Reality
New research shows that conservatives who consider themselves well-informed and educated are also deeper in denial about issues like global warming.


other real scientific research (as opposed to partisan polemics) include:

Moral Poltics, George Lakoff (cognitive linguist, MIT)

The Political Brain, George Lakoff (cognitive linguist, MIT)

The Political Mind, Drew Weston (psychologist, Emory)

The Reactionary Mind, Corey Robin (Brooklyn College)

Authoritarianism and Polarization in American Politics, Marc J. Hetherington & Jonathan D. Weiler
When you start out with the flawed premises that "climate warming" is settled 'science' and then it's almost certain that the results of the so called research and the interpretation of it will be flawed.
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1. "Conservatives Without Conscience"

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If you haven't read this book then you may not understand what's going on politically. Conservatives Without Conscience was written by John Dean (yes, if you remember Watergate, that's the same guy).

What John Dean did, and let's make no mistake about this, is to weave the story of how the Republican party has come to the sorry state of affairs that it exists today. His crucial argument is based on Altermeyer's model of the authoritarian personality. He backs up his premises with plenty of footnotes and documentation, all of which is available in the public domain. (I hope you know how to use the Google.)

Great, very revealing read by a Republican insider about the right wing psychology.
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2. thanks.
I'll check out his book.

I had his 2004 book "Worse than Watergate", a desperate plea with the American electorate to depose G.W. Bush.