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  1. #1 The simple way to stop the war on women: 
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    All you conservative men who are married to a liberal woman beware.........they're out to blackmail you.....cause you have no right to your own opinions on who to vote for....

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    The simple way to stop the war on women:

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    If every woman would simply tell her husband or male partner, "No more sex with me if you vote for a woman-hating Republican for President or Congress" this nonsense would all stop. Insist that he vote by absentee ballot and that he show you the completed ballot, stamp and mail it with you as witness before resuming intimate relations. Make clear that you are doing this to protect the lives of women everywhere, including your own daughters and other female relations. Then have him contact his legislators in the statehouse and Congress to tell him he's a man standing up for women's rights and just cast his vote against them for that reason.

    Secondly, every Republican and others who voted for Republicans should not be silent. Tell your representatives it is NOT acceptable to attack birth control, access to basic medical tests like PAP smears, choice or other women's rights. Demand that they publicly denounce the GOP for its attacks on women's rights. (Most won't but should be flooded with people who actually voted for them expressing outrage.) Tell them to stop hurting women and start paying attention to the serious issues in this country instead. Make clear that you will NOT vote for any candidate who supports the war on women or fails to denounce it.

    Third, find out everyplace your right-wing representatives are appearing. Show up, preferably with hubby or significant other in tow if you have a male partner, and speak out. Talk about Republicans forcing women to undergo vaginal ultrasounds, redefine "rape", introduce "conception" bills that would let a mother DIE rather than get an abortion if her life is at stake, that would force a woman who is raped to give birth because an egg has more rights than a mother. Point out that that even married women use birth control. And if we don't cover it with insurance, if a woman can't afford birth control how on earth is she supposed to afford caring for an unwanted baby? Point out that these issues were decided mostly in the last century. Like what the GOP is doing to the Taliban's efforts to control and harm women.

    If all righteously outraged women AND MEN in this country would take a stand and draw a line in the sand on this issue, the Republicans would be thoroughly trounced and in the future will either moderate their positions or vanish like the Whigs of yore.
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