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  1. #1 Occupy Oakland protesters face hate-crime trial 
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    Occupy Oakland protesters face hate-crime trial

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    Source: SF Chronicle

    An Alameda County judge on Tuesday sent three Occupy Oakland demonstrators to trial on robbery and hate crime charges after three days of testimony about an altercation they had with a woman who confronted them at a rally.

    The preliminary hearing offered a window into the contentious case. Prosecutors said one of the protesters repeatedly called the woman a "dyke bitch" as another grabbed her wallet, while defense attorneys said the alleged victim had been the aggressor - and had herself used racial slurs.

    Judge Paul Delucchi said there was probable cause to hold each of the defendants: Michael Davis, 32, Nneka Crawford, 23, and Randolph Wilkins, 25. The judge ordered them to return April 3 to each be arraigned on a charge of felony robbery, along with a sentencing enhancement for the hate crime.


    (Robbery victim Kelly) Stowers said she felt a tug on her over-the-shoulder satchel, and looked down to see Davis pull his hand from inside it before putting the same hand behind his back. Davis also ripped an Obama campaign pin off the bag, Stowers said.

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    1. Yeah...ok.

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    I smell bullshit!
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    2. I don't care for thieves.

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    This does not sound good for the defense:

    The hearing revolved around the testimony of the alleged victim, Kelly Stowers, a 42-year-old emergency medical technician. She said she had come out of a comic book store on Piedmont Avenue on the evening of Feb. 22 to find the three demonstrators screaming, "Let's start a f- riot."
    Stowers said she told the defendants that they shouldn't call for a riot and, because of their actions, didn't belong in the neighborhood. She said Crawford shoved her, told her she looked "ridiculous," repeatedly called her a "dyke bitch," and accused her of wanting to perform a sex act on Wilkins.

    Sounds like Rush Limbaugh....

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    3. Every movement will attract human scum like this.

    Not a reflection on OWS.
    Right. All two dozen of them are scum..............a direct reflection on OWS.

    Two dozen Occupy Oakland protesters left the courtroom in anger after the ruling. They have said the case - in particular the hate crime allegation - is part of an effort by police and prosecutors to discredit their movement.

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    Good morning laugh!!!

    The sad part is the scum will probably beat the rap. But one can hope...
    May the FORCE be with you!
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