It's time that someone mentioned the actual facts on the other side of this case.

All may not be as it seems in the Martin/Zimmerman case. [View all]

There is not enough information in this case yet to be making opinions one way or another.

But some information is now coming out that tends to corroborate Zimmerman's claim of self-defense.

The media has largely presented this as a teenage boy out to buy some candy who was shot down for no reason by a wanna-be policeman, with the police being complicit.

But evidence is coming out that makes it seem that the story may not be as originally presented.

Sandford police detectives played back one of the 911 recordings of someone calling for help and Trayvon's father said it was not Travyon.

A 911 caller and eyewitness said that he saw the person who ended up shot (Trayvon) on top of the other person (Zimmerman) and beating him.

When George Zimmerman was arrested, he had a bloody nose and was bleeding from a wound on the back of his head.

Whether or not Zimmerman should have confronted someone in his neighborhood as a Neighborhood Watch patrol person is up for debate.

But what it seems to me may have happened is that Zimmerman followed Martin, got out of his car, and a physical altercation started. It just may be that Zimmerman was losing out in this fight.

If the eyewitness account is correct and Zimmerman was on the ground under Martin, with Martin beating him, then he may well have a justifiable excuse for self-defense.

We don't know who started the fight. But it's pretty clear at least that Zimmerman took a beating during the altercation.

And this doesn't go over so well in DUmmie land where the mixed-race Zimmerman has already been convicted in their minds. The OP must be a racist!

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73. "atypical", ie "not typical"

Such as, in this case, thinking it's fine for a vigilante to follow and confront someone doing nothing wrong whatsoever. Apparently, they do it themselves all the time, in their own neighborhood.

Justice wanted
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all the answers and when it comes down to it HIS own prejudice was the only think keeping him from seeing ALL the facts!