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Please don't insinuate that I am either a DUer or one of their cohorts.

This article confirms that he was part of a neighborhood watch program

This article states that it was an unregistered neighborhood watch program
Here's your statement:

"Zimmerman has a history of playing volunteer cop according to the sheriffs office in Sanford. "

That's not exactly what the articles show. They do show that he volunteered for neighborhood watch in early 2011, and despite the agitprop from Martin's attorneys and the media, the Homeowner's Association had asked for a volunteer. This wasn't something Zimmerman did on his own without anyone's request or approval. What the HOA failed to do was get their neighborhood watch properly registered and Zimmerman properly trained. But this did not mean that Zimmerman was "playing volunteer cop". It meant that he was doing neighborhood watch, which is NOT the same thing.

And what did he do on neighborhood watch? He called 911 when he saw anything suspicious. That's what you're supposed to do on neighborhood watch. And that's what your first link says he did.

What your links show me is that Zimmerman was on neighborhood watch and that he called 911 when he saw suspicious behavior. There is no "long history" (the calls date from early 2011, when the robberies started) and while Zimmerman did "volunteer", he was NOT "playing cop"; he was just calling 911.

Now as to February 26, Zimmerman may have followed Trayvon during the 911 call, but we have no evidence of what he did AFTER that call. Zimmerman himself claims he went back to his SUV to wait for the cops, and that Trayvon approached him. That is what he told the police.

Now, I would never call you a DUmmie. Not in a million years. But, the agitprop surrounding this case is extreme and the facts are getting lost behind a ton of emotion and mischaracterization, much of it deliberately being foisted on the public by an iffy law firm and the "Civil Rights" establishment. Even the best of us can get caught up in the moment and say things like "long history of playing cop" when it's just a guy on neighborhood watch calling 911 over 14 months because there have been a stream of burglaries in the neighborhood.