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    Let me add two points.

    One, Zimmerman had a concealed carry license and was legally allowed to take his gun along with him on his patrol.
    Absolutely. I put in the first post that Zimmerman had a legal concealed carry permit.

    Two, the first photo I saw of Trayvon showed a smiling, baby faced ""innocent"". In the second photo I saw he looked like an angry older individual, and nowhere near an innocent one. So yes, there is a LOT more to this incident that has yet to come out.

    This is part of the agitprop. The pictures you are seeing over and over on TV are of a younger Trayvon. In most of them he is shorter than his mother, and not his full height of 6'3''. Those pictures must be quite old.

    If you look carefully at the football photo (full shot) which was taken when he was 14 according to the Montreal Gazette you can begin to see how tall Trayvon really was, even at that time. He is now 3 years older and 6'3''. And, as you said, as he got older, that "baby face" Mr. Crump (the attorney) mentions all the time had begun to disappear.

    The pictures, of course, are to make Zimmerman's statement that he was "afraid for his life" look absurd. This would undercut the legality of his action and make him vulnerable to prosecution. The Martin family must be fought for this reason alone.

    For all we know, Trayvon could have already been involved in nefarious dealings ....and may indeed have been casing the area. That would be the logical assumption to be made by Zimmerman when the kid didn't appear to be going straight home from the store....but looking and lurking about.
    Or he simply could have been lost. All the houses in that subdivision look exactly alike. I could see myself getting lost in there.

    Of course, considering his father's lack of worry (Tracy Martin didn't contact the police until the next morning) Trayvon may simply have been hanging out outside and maybe his parents were accustomed to him being out at night with no set time for return.

    If I were George Zimmerman. though, whose neighborhood had been robbed so many times, I would definitely think that Trayvon could be casing the neighborhood.

    Time will tell. Thanks for this informative thread, by the way.
    You're welcome. I wish we could get this to someone out there. The radio hosts are repeating the same crap as the mainstream media and no one is asking the hard questions.
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