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I’m sorry - I’m not clear on the math here. I’m a fairly well off small business owner - how is taxing me to "kingdom fucking come" going to allow me to add new employees or, at worst, maintain my current staff and their benefits? Please educate me on how that would come to pass.
Are you in the top .01%? Like are you worth more than $500 million dollars?

If I'm not mistaken, I think the 70 some-odd year experiment of that kind of society failed miserably under Mr. Reagan’s watch. I read that in a book somewhere. Again, please feel free to correct my perspective if you can actually educate me on this 'plan for change.' Right now I think my vote might be "no," but I’m fairly open-minded.
You're hopeless if you keep trying to equate adding more social programs so people have more money to spend on the relatively open consumer goods market to communism.