One thing that REALLY bothers me is about the shooting in Florida, Trayvon's photo [View all]

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Why do they keep using this photo?

At first I thought he was the youngest 17 yo that I had ever seen, but then I found out that this picture is from several years ago.

This is in no way trying to defend Zimmerman. Personally, I think there needs to be a massive, thorough, INDEPENDENT investigation immediately.

Calling out the lies. Go Snake Alchemist!

But get a load of this answer:

rubberducky (2,395 posts)
1. Perhaps because some people need to be reminded that he was a very

INNOCENT, young kid. He was just a kid, could have been yours, could have been mine. What seems to be your problem with showing him as he was?
Amazing! The photo is a misrepresentation. That's not the Trayvon that Zimmerman saw.

Snake Alchemist makes the argument:

Snake Alchemist
2. What if they showed a slim, younger Zimmerman in a tux at a wedding?

3. Oh well, we'd just say "Hey, that good looking young guy has GOT to be innocent"!
I'm sure I don't need a sarcasm thingy, do I ?

Snake Alchemist
5. Some would. Same reason why tall people, and good looking people are generally more successful.
No sarcasm.
But then rubberducky has a cow!

4. Would that change the fact that he killed a young man?

I really couldn`t care less if he was wearing a superman costume. The man pulled his gun and took the life of Trayvon. I really couln`t care less if they showed us pics of Zimmerman as tiny baby, what he did is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. From the tapes, Zimmerman hunted down this teenager because he didn`t seem to belong in Zimmerman`s imagined terrritory. Maybe you are one of those people who think if Trayvon was armed this wouldn`t have happened this way. Just what we need are more guns! If we all had guns we could just kill whoever we thought MIGHT harm us!
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the mindset. It doesn't matter that what George Zimmerman saw wasn't that cute 12-year old kid in the photo. That kid who was shorter than his mother and not the 6'3'' that he really was. Zimmerman killed that "beautiful boy" even if that's not what he saw and he should go to prison for the rest of his life.

Gotta love Snakey though:

Snake Alchemist
6. No of course not, but why use a photo from years ago? There has to be a reason.

If I had to put money on it, I would say it was a way to boost ratings and sell more newspapers.
Maybe, but the easiest answer is that if we saw the real Trayvon at 17, at his full height. maybe, just maybe, people would see how he could have been perceived as a threat by Zimmerman.

One more thing about this thread:

Snake Alchemist
9. Could be. I think Zimmerman's is a mugshot though. nt
It looks that way. Zimmerman is wearing an orange polo shirt, which brings to mind the orange jumpsuit of prisoners. The Martin family and their supporters have thought of everything.