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  1. #1 I was thinking, and getting pissed, at work tonight 
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    I was thinking, and getting pissed, at work tonight
    There I am, the only cashier at a major pharmacy, having to face the entire store, put away returns, take care of the trash and vacuum the whole fucking place with an old piece of crap vacuum while lugging around extension cords. All this while taking care of the customers. I get paid minimum wage and can never work full time, no one there but managers and pharmacists work full time so they dont have to pay for health insurance.

    All I could think of was "WTF, the CEO makes millions in bonuses solely because he is rich and needs to get RICHER and they can't get the fucking store a cordless vacuum that WORKS right or hire on a second cashier so I am not killing myself to get everything done"

    It's frustrating and I am beginning to feel like a french peasant before the revolution......GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    Two part time jobs, living the American dream, thanks alot richie rich and all your fucking buddies.
    So it's the fault of the "ritchie rich" that Marrah is in an entry level job that pays minimum wage rather than in management or a very difficult degree in pharmacology.

    If you don't like your job find another or go back to school.
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    1. This Is Situation The New Norm

    This work situation is the new norm. Ronald Reagan said we would have a service economy. And this is the economy we have now. You can blame all the Republicans and some Democrats for your predicament. Better yet you can blame all the stupid asses who voted GOP for 30 years. And you can blame all the leader in the scumsucking fundy churches who helped push and validate that agenda.

    Americans who vote conservative can blame themselves. And the ones who are unemployed and sick and voted GOP can stay unemployed and starve and the sick ones can die. We would not be in this mess if voters had kept putting Republicans in office.
    They are responsible for starting it. And too many weak Democrats were too scared to resist.
    To liberals it's always someone elses's never their decisions.
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    2. modern day slavery: stop providing room and board for

    your slaves. Pay them a wage instead, and make them pay their own room and board, and keep them in debt.
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    6. It really is sick that they do that, and even sicker that some wage earners support it

    by voting Republican. Republicans always leave people in this kind of a mess, working way too many jobs and too afraid to unionize because they've gutted labor laws and enforcement for decades. And their ridiculous lemmings in the red states seem to think that if they don't have high wages that no one else in the country deserves 'em either, that's why they support these idiots because they think that a higher wage for you will somehow put them in the poor(er) house.

    Something isn't right when people have to work like that for low wages.
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