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    For 400 years white people have defined who is white and who isn't. The rules sounded scientific, 1/16th, 1/8th, or as much as 1/4 black and one could be considered white. Mulattoes have never been considered white. Now, people decide for themselves who is and isn't white.

    The department of corrections database shows that there are 3885 persons in Florida prison who identify as "hispanic" as a race; they range in appearance from Ricky Ricardo to Harry Belafonte.

    Much more interesting are those persons who identify themselves as "white" in the DOC database. Many of these people are not what most white people would consider white. They would be perhaps "Brazilian white". The color line in Brazil is fine, but most Americans would probably consider a lot of the "white" Brazilians to be "other" at least or "black" for simplicity.

    Biracial people can identify as whatever race they have to choose from. If Obama identifies as black, it's not to be mocked it's to be respected. Just as we might respect someone from New Jersey identifying as "white" when a purist would call him "muddy".
    Zimmerman self-identifies as Hispanic. It's only your racist buddies that ID him as white or white-Hispanic, and it's quite obviously done only to provoke racial unrest. With the left, it's all about race because they are so pathetically prejudiced.

    In actual dollars, President Obama’s $4.4 trillion in deficit spending in just three years is 37 percent higher than the previous record of $3.2 trillion (held by President George W. Bush) in deficit spending for an entire presidency. It’s no small feat to demolish an 8-year record in just 3 years.

    Under Obama’s own projections, interest payments on the debt are on course to triple from 2010 (his first budgetary year) to 2018, climbing from $196 billion to $685 billion annually.
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    Read this article by Larry Elder:
    The American Left: Where everything is politics and politics is everything.
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