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  1. #1 Zimmerman, you POS, you cannot harass, question and try to detain someone... 
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    Zimmerman, you POS, you cannot harass, question and try to detain someone, who was not...

    committing any crime, and when they resist and get into a fight with you, and you are getting your stupid ass kicked by this person, then decide to shoot them.

    And the only reason he was trying to take your gun (if that story is true), is because he thought you would try to shoot him. Which you did.
    The outrage over there is laughable.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    That's one for my debunking thread.

    Hey DUmmie, he didn't harass or detain anyone.

    George's "pursuit" was 25 seconds long, after which Trayvon disappeared.

    Listen to the tape.

    George is 5'9'' and 240; he's short and overweight. Trayvon is 6'3'' and 140, 17 and in great shape.

    Trayvon was running away when George began his futile pursuit. Overweight George started huffing and puffing immediately, which is what tips off dispatch that George is in pursuit.

    After 25 seconds, Trayvon is gone.

    George says, "He ran".

    Then George's breathing, which was heavy and puffing during the 25 second pursuit begins to calm down. He starts to speak more normally, with more even paced breathing. We never hear that huffing and puffing again after he calms down. He was not in pursuit at the end of the call. He couldn't have been: we would have heard the breathing.

    George stopped pursuing Trayvon. He tells the police that he went back to the SUV and I believe him, not because I think he's the brightest bulb in the box, but because George is not in any physical shape to chase after a 17-year-old. Trayvon had completely disappeared and even George knew that he couldn't possibly catch up.

    George is also scared of Trayvon; you can hear it in the tape. He doesn't want to leave his name or address with the dispatcher because he is afraid Trayvon might still be around, hiding, and might hear him. He indicates this to dispatch on the phone.

    George said Trayvon returned after the call and attacked him at the SUV. George's head wound and the evidence of Mary Cutcher argue for Trayvon having the upper hand at the pavement near the SUV.

    The "pursuit" has been highly exaggerated. The sequence is simple:

    • George is in his SUV on an errand.
    • He spots Trayvon from a distance.
    • He calls non-emergency dispatch from inside his SUV.
    • A minute into the call, Trayvon approaches his SUV, and the approach lasts about a minute.
    • For some reason, Trayvon then decides to run. (Fear of the cops? the girlfriend's advice? It's not clear.)
    • George says, "They always get away" and frustrated gets out of his SUV. (You can hear the car door open and slam shut)
    • George's 25 second pursuit, during which dispatch says, "We don't need you to do that"
    • Trayvon is out of sight.
    • George starts to breathe normally and gives 911 his information
    • Call ends after 4 minutes 11 seconds
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