And to go along with Rocks find, we have cali!!!

Sun Mar 25, 2012, 08:51 AM

The republicans are running on hate, fear and thinly veiled racism and xenophobia

it's absolutely bankrupt and shameful and it's all they've got.

They just keep ratcheting it up:

(CNN) – Crows perch on spindly trees. Barren streets and empty swing sets. An antiquated wall clock. A playground carousel spinning slowly with an eerie screech.

The visuals conjure a horror film or the old TV series, "The Twilight Zone."


It's just going to keep getting worse.

Once Romney secures the nomination he'll do his etch-a-sketch thing, but his SuperPacs will go to ugly town against the President and the dems.

They're pathetic and despicable.

I suppose the hypocrite cali thinks her savior & lord Obama will be running a billion dollar campaign of rainbows and ponies!!!