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the ACLU Nazi's have done well helping their cause by removing God from the public eye. course they had to take it to court vs Gov and won. if your a taxpaper you footed the bill the Gov had to pay out.

I thought freedom of religion was one of things I and millions help fight and die for. guess not huh???
Thing is most of the outrage about God being removed is unjustified.

God was not removed from the public schools. People can still pray on their own and in groups. The law still allows for religious clothing. If a school doesn't allow it, they can be taken to court.

You can still pray at work. Trust me, I do so every day with my job. I get told off for a living.

You can pray when you go out to eat at a restaurant.

You can pray in the hospital. They even have a chapel.

You can pray in court whether the ten commandments is up or not.

There may not be a prayer before a football game, but you can still pray before it and ask others to join you.

Where exactly was God removed?