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So Namvet, you want to know where the concept of God gets defended despite the cases you cited. Well, let's look at the ten commandments court case.


Obviously, this case meant nothing because people still want to have it pulled from schools.


Perhaps they want the pledge pulled because it's still there. I know it's still in the various schools I've worked in (including the "under God" part).

BTW, I loved how in your article, it said the judge got threats. Why no condemnation of that? It's not like it was Christian to do.

I'd like to know the name of the schools that were pushing the pro-Obama politics so I could find updates on them.

Now, here's some information on some court cases.


Personally, I blame the gangs more than anybody else on this. How dare they use religious symbols and bring their war into the schools. That's a rant for another time. Anyway, notice the highlighted part. The Christians got to wear their symbols.

So Smith won. Kids get told they can't wear stuff. Their parents take it to court, and they win. They win.

Now, if you wish to take up for anybody in the schools, take up for the teachers. They're held to a supposedly higher standard.


Note: Not a Christian, a Muslim.

While it was a Muslim fighting for her rights in that case, that rule would apply to Christians too.

People have the dumb idea that making a teacher wear neutral clothing makes them more or less fair of a teacher when it really doesn't.

Let's talk about students groups such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.


Our government even gives parents money to assist with sending their kids to a religious school.


Namvet, we have an awesome country.
and none of it holds an oz of water