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  1. #1 My wife had a pretty good idea yesterday... 
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    ...and, no, it didn't involve having me put down, Rock.

    She flies a lot more than I do because of her job; less these days than she used to, but she flew out on business yesterday. While I was driving her to the airport she went on a rant about the dregs of the human gene pool who somehow managed to work as TSA "officers", many of whom are running around with schmates on their heads (a sore point to her, given she damn near lost a sister on 9/11). However, that's not really what the point of this is. It's more about the mostly mediocre quality of employees that make up the TSA personnel at so many of our airports. I have seen it myself and it pisses me off.

    Anyway, she asked, why the hell, with all the highly trained and disciplined military men and women who are returning from deployment in Iraq/Afghanistan (or elsewhere for that matter) and are seeking employment after serving, the intrepid TSA isn't giving these individuals these jobs. I had never even thought about it, but it struck me as pure genius. If we have to have a TSA, I, like most Americans, would much rather have well-trained (and savvy) military vets being TSA Officers than the glorified security guards, Walmart greeters, and convenience store clerks we have to deal with now.

    Our returning vets need jobs and this is one place where I would support affirmative action, not in the PC sense, but because I can't think of anyone a) who would be better qualified; and b) have earned it more.

    What are your thoughts? I would especially like to hear from the military active-duty and vets here, but everyone please chime in. Is this a job you think vets would want to do after serving, or would they just as soon not?
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