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I could search but I'm not interested in wading through the crap so I will ask those following the case:

I heard/read that the Sanford cops wanted to press charges but the state DA said no. Any truth to that?
Yes. We know that the lead detective wanted to press charges. It's unknown whether anyone else in the department felt the same way.

The Sanford Police Department's lead investigator initially pursued manslaughter charges against Zimmerman, but was told by the state attorney that there wasn't enough evidence.


The next day, detectives re-enacted the shooting with Zimmerman at the scene. They also discovered Zimmerman had two prior arrests: one for assaulting a cop, the other for domestic abuse.

For the next two weeks, lead investigator Chris Serino pursued a manslaughter charge against Zimmerman.

Police interviewed at least six witnesses. But none of them saw how the confrontation began or the shooting that ended it.

Public pressure grew. On March 12, police gave the case to State Attorney Norm Wolfinger. He told them they needed more evidence to arrest Zimmerman.
So much for the whole "the police never investigated" meme.