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    I don't know if I missed this information or it was never posted.....

    How far away was the 7-11 from the "gated community"?

    The reason I ask is, Trayvon was shot at 7:17pm local time. Trayvon is on video from the 7-11 at approx. 6:23pm local time. Was the store that far away, or was Trayvon "casing" houses on his way back from the store?

    Video of Trayvon at the 7-11, time is in the upper left corner.

    Interesting how dark that hoodie is and how much of his face it covers. (Remember, we've only seen the white hoodie and the photoshopped picture. The 7-11 Time stamp is 6:24pm; Zimmerman called the non emergency dispatch just after 7pm.

    The closest 7-11 is on Rinehart Rd: 1125 Rinehart Rd, Sanford, FL 32771 It is about a mile from The Retreat at Twin Lakes. Brandy Green's house was on Retreat View Circle. Not sure of the exact address, but there is a home for sale at 2350 Retreat View Cir, Sanford, FL 32771-7296, and the map quest directions indicate the distance of about a mile.

    Assuming that Trayvon walked the whole mile back, it might have taken him 20-25 minutes from the 7-11 to the clubhouse. This would also mean that Trayvon left the house a little before 6pm. Since he left after Tracy Martin and Brandy Green left for dinner, this would mean that Dad and girlfriend and left the house well before 6:00. Assuming their arrival back home to be well after the incident (cops are gone, neighbors back inside), I see them getting back around 8 or so, at the earliest. This makes the question of Dad not worrying where Trayvon was very interesting.

    Let's say Trayvon leaves at 5:50--this gets him to 7-11 by 6:15-6:20. (This means Tracy and Brandy left at the latest around 5:45--although they could have left anytime from 4:30 on. (A lot depends on when they had dinner reservations.) But assuming Trayvon leaves around 5:50 and Tracy and Brandy return home at 8:00pm, that would mean that Brandy's son had been alone over two hours. Surely, this should have alarmed Brandy, since her child was younger than Trayvon. (Remember, the Skittles were allegedly for Trayvon's "little brother"). Tracy Martin should also have wondered where his son was by that time.

    I find it hard to believe that a responsible father would come home, find his son gone for two hours, go to bed (at 10?) after the son is gone for over 4 hours, and NOT check with anyone: the cousin, the police, etc. Sorry, but I have always thought this family was bizarre, and Tracy's behavior has always seemed completely careless and disengaged.
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